Irish Courses Online | Summer 2021

Irish Courses Online | Summer 2021

We offer daytime and evening courses at 4 different levels, below you will find the cost, duration, registration forms and different levels for our courses which are held online through Zoom. It is necessary that you have a Zoom account and you can create one free HERE. We also use Google Drive for sharing class material and notes.

Cost: €60
Duration: 6 Weeks - 1 hour every week
Class Capacity: 14 people
Register Now: Registration Form
4 Levels: 

1 New to Gaeilge starting 07/06/2021 - Monday @12.00-13.00
2 Bonnleibhéal | Basics starting 08/06/2021 - Tuesday @12.00-13.00
3 Meánleibhéal | Intermediate - starting 09/06/2021 - Wednesday @12.00-13.00
4 Ardleibhéal | Advanced starting 10/06/2020 - Friday @11.00-12.00

Cost: €120
Duration: 10 Weeks - 1.5 hours every week
Class Capacity: 14 people
Register Now: Registration Form
4 Levels:

1 New to Gaeilge - starting 12/07/2021 - Monday @18.30-20.00
2 Bonnleibhéal | Basics starting 13/07/2021 - Tuesday @18.30-20.00
3 Meánleibhéal | Intermediatestarting 14/07/2021 - Wednesday @18.30-20.00
Ardleibhéal | Advancedstarting 15/04/2021 - Thursday @18.30-20.00

When you click on one of the registration forms above you will be brought to our registration and payment page for our courses - fill in your details, choose your course from the drop down list, and you will receive a confirmation email from us soon after. Note: We offer a 10% discount to any full-time student, if you are unemployed, or if you are retired. Please send an email to in order to avail of this discount. 

Our courses follow the TEG Levels, and you can find more information about them here. If you are still unsure about which level to chose you can try TEG's online assessment HERE.

1. New to Gaeilge (A1 TEG)
This level is for anyone with no prior experience with the language who is looking to learn the foundations of the language like phrases, proverbs, and basic sentence structure.
2. Bonnleibhéal | Basics (A2/B1 TEG)
This level is for anyone who has studied Irish at school or elsewhere and is out of practice. Participants will learn useful phrases and basic pieces of grammar to construct sentences, build on vocab, and increase confidence in speaking.
3. Meánleibhéal | Intermediate (B1/B2 TEG)
This level will focus on slightly more difficult aspects of the language and participants will focus on fluency in their spoken Irish learning more complicated sentence structures, grammar and vocab.
4. Ardleibhéal | Advanced (B2 TEG)
This is a level for people with a solid grasp on the language who want to focus more on slightly more challenging grammar and develop their fluency over the course.

If you have anymore questions regarding your level please get in contact with Ian -

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