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The Course
This course aims to give transition year students the opportunity to develop basic media skills in an Irish language setting. They will gain an understanding of different types of media; journalism, radio, television and social media. They will use professional equipment throughout the course.

The highlights of the course include the filming of a short film in Irish, and the production and recording of a radio programme at Raidió na Life studios.

Course Content

Broadcasting Skills
We will introduce the student to journalism and broadcasting through Irish as a potential career, explain what is involved and the different areas of work.
  • Programme planning and preparation
  • Script preparation
  • The equipment used
  • Interview techniques
  • Editing 
Filming Skills
This section of the course will introduce the student to the basic skills of film-making
  • Planning and preparing a film script 
  • Using a camera
  • Composition of shots 
  • Movement and filling the frame 
  • Editing 

Course length:
One week – Moday to Friday 9.30am to 3.00pm
Class Size: 16 students per course
Venue: Gael Linn, 35 Dame St., Dublin 2
Fee: €70 per student

You can download an application form from the top of this page.
More information: Contact Gael Linn on (01) 6751200 or eolas@gael-linn.ie

Dates 2019/20:
Cúrsa 1: 30-4 October
Cúrsa 2: 7-11 October
Cúrsa 3: 14-18 October
Cúrsa 4: 21-25 October *FULL*
Cúrsa 5: 4-8 November
Cúrsa 6: 11-15 November *FULL*
Cúrsa 7: 18-22 November *FULL*
Cúrsa 8: 25-29 November *FULL*
Cúrsa 9: 2-6 December *FULL*

Cúrsa 10: 13-17 January *FULL*
Cúrsa 11: 20-24 January *FULL*
Cúrsa 12: 27–31 January *FULL*
Cúrsa 13: 3-7 February *FULL*
Cúrsa 14: 10-14 February *FULL*
Cúrsa 15: 24-28 February
Cúrsa 16: 2-6 March *FULL*
Cúrsa 17: 9-13 March
Cúrsa 18: 23-27 March *FULL*
Cúrsa 19: 30-3 March/April
Cúrsa 20: 20-24 April

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