Short Course

Course Overview

A 6 week day-course focusing on conversational Irish aimed at people who are out of practice, but who did Irish in school. This course will be broken into two levels: a beginners class and an intermediate class.

For anyone who feels that they need to start at a more basic level to brush up on their level of spoken Irish.
Date: Tuesday 14 January - 18 February 2020 *NEW*
Time: 10.30-11.30
Location: Gael Linn, 35 Dame Street, Dublin 2
Price: €60

Slightly more advanced than the beginners class, this course is for anyone who has a good level and understanding of spoken Irish and is looking to improve fluency and vocabulary.
Date: Tuesday 14 January - 18 February 2020 *NEW*
Time: 12.00-13.00
Location: Gael Linn, 35 Dame Street, Dublin 2
Price: €60

Register now: / 01-675 1200

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