Third Level

Bréagchúirt Uí Dhálaigh Gael Linn



Bréagchúirt Uí Dhálaigh Gael Linn is organised by Gael Linn in honour of the late Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh, ex President and ex Chief Justice of Ireland.

The competition, in the form of a moot court, is for third level students who are studying law and are fluent in Irish. Participants either defend or prosecute in an appeal against a court judgement.

Preliminary rounds are held in the morning in King’s Inns and the final takes place that evening in the Four Courts with a High Court Judge presiding. Bréagchúirt Uí Dhálaigh takes place this year on 8th November 2019.


A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 persons is allowed per team. It is not necessary for team members to be attending the same third level college. King's Inns and The Law Society are classed as third level colleges.

Where appropriate, travelling expenses and overnight accommodation are paid by Gael Linn.


The winning team takes home the Gael Linn perpetual trophy together with a cheque to the value of €600. The second placed team receives a cheque to the value of €300.


Applications must be received by Gael Linn before 1 November 2019. To enter a team click on form at top of this page and e-mail the completed form to


All teams must prepare and plead both sides of the case. Teams will be notified the day before the preliminary rounds as to which side they will be pleading in the first round. To download a copy of this years case click HERE 


Oral submissions will take place as follows:

1. *Barrister for the Appellant : 20 minutes
2. *Barrister for the Respondent : 20 minutes
(*Each team may divide the oral submissions as follows, if they wish):
A. Senior Counsel – 10 minutes B. Junior Counsel – 10 minutes
3. Rebuttal – One barrister for the Appellant : 3 minutes
4. Response to Rebuttal – One barrister for the Respondent : 3 minutes

New information or arguments are not allowed during rebuttal or in response to the rebuttal. Breaches of the time limits will be penalised.

Oral submissions will be judged under the following criteria : Courtesy; Logical and well constructed presentation; Brevity; Comprehensiveness; Fluency; Correct use of statues, cases and precedents; Ability to answer Judges' questions; Ability to deal with the other side's arguments; Effective use of time given to rebuttal/response to rebuttal.


Bréagchúirt Uí Dhálaigh is an Irish Language competition. Short excerpts in English from cases being used to strengthen teams arguments are allowed, however, although they should be kept short and to the point. Irish language law terms are available at
As a general guide it is worth looking at site but bear in mind the rules are not quite the same as those in use at Bréagchúirt Uí Dhálaigh.

Gael Linn is very grateful to Kate Ní Chonfhaola BL who is offering her help to the teams participating this year. Kate will deal with any queries regarding the case at or 087.7909236 and will also meet with teams beforehand if necessary. We are also indebted to Cormac Ó Dúlacháin SC, Daithí Mac Cárthaigh BL and to Kings Inns and The Courts Service for their continued support.

Further Information:
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