Friday, 04 February 2022

Casting Call for Actor Voiceover Artist

Casting Call for Actor Voiceover Artist

Casting Call for Actor/Voiceover Artist

A new Irish language campaign seeks to enlist an actor or voiceover artist to convey thecharacter of Bricriú in the Domhan Mór Na Gaeilge, The Big World of Irish


Domhan Mór Na Gaeilge, The Big World of Irish is a character driven campaign which aims to connect with young children and their parents at a key decision making point in their lives and inspire them to engage with the Irish Language. It is funded by Foras na Gaeilge and developed by Creative Workers’ Co-Operative and Gael Linn for An Gréasán.


The Campaign has developed the character Bricriú which is an original conception loosely based on Bricriú the troublemaker in the Ulster Cycle. Our Bricriú has more in common with a sprite from a video game but he does share the original Bricriú’s sense of mischievousness


Bricriú’s character will be likeable, cheeky, confident, alert and curious!  He will appear in i)animated cartoons ii) workbooks iii) posters/stickers and iv) across social media platforms during this first stage of the campaign. The character will create meaning around the Irish language from the perspective of a young child making the journey into the big world of Irish.


Domhan Mór Na Gaeilge hopes to enthrall young children with the opportunities that learning a second language will give them. Studies show that identifying as multilingual acts as a booster in self-confidence and, those that do, achieve higher overall results in their GCSEs.


The Campaign hopes to increase uptake of the Irish Language at GCSE level among English Medium School pupils and increase attendance at Gaeltacht Colleges amongst pupils from English Medium Schools


“Bilingual pupils tend to do better in subjects other than languages and have increased confidence in their approach to education. The Gaeltacht is a hugely rewarding way to build on what has been learned in Irish class and secure better grades. Undoubtedly the number of opportunities associated with Irish is increasing year on year.”

Réamonn ÓCiaráin (Director of Education, Gael Linn)



The campaign now seeks an actor or voiceover artist to convey the character of Bricriú in Domhan Mór Na Gaeilge. The campaign asks participants to record a short script in both Irish and English and upload the video to the website here:


The role is not gender specific so all are welcome to submit an audition video. We are keen for people to capture the character and would love to hear a variety of “voices”. The role will use motion capture and animation to bring the character to life so people are encouraged to use hand gestures and movement as part of their performance. The deadline for submissions is 15th February 2022. For any further information please contact: